Final Market of 2007!

Please join us once again and experience the works of our local creative culture!

Aura Carney | Narrative Illustration on Clay
Jolene Smith | Functional & Sculptural Forms

Fashion & Accessories
Alexandra Hunt | Fashion Forward Art Jewellery
Amber Leigh | Contemporary Clothing
Dana Martin | Warm Fuzzy Scarves
Denly Smyth |Buttons, Bags & Hipster Garments
Kristi Woo | Urban Accessories for the Pedestrian
Natalie Gerber | Handbags for a Sustainable Economy

Interior Objects
Paige Smith | Vintage Jewellery Holders
Peter Freeman | Sculptural Lights

Painting & Print
Forestry Service | Print Phenomenon
Lucie Bause | Unexpected Interpretations

First Edition

First Edition
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